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Developmental Questionnaire

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Please watch this short video before you fill out the screening questions. 

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Pick a date
7  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
8 Mo 30 days
9  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
9 Mo 30 days
9  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
10 Mo 30 days
11  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
12 Mo 30 days
13  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
14 Mo 30 days
15  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
16 Mo 30 days
17  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
18 Mo 30 days
19  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
20 Mo 30 days
21  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
22 Mo 30 days
23  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
25 Mo 15 days
25  Mo 16 Days Thru  
28 Mo 15 days
28  Mo 16 Days Thru  
31 Mo 15 days
31  Mo 16 Days Thru  
34 Mo 15 days
34  Mo 16 Days Thru  
38 Mo 15 days

What Age Should A Child Start Talking

What Age Should A Child Start Talking? One of the most common questions that parents have is “when should my child start talking?” Although all children are different, there are some general guidelines to follow in regards to your child’s speech and language...

Why Does My Child Repeat What I Ask Them

Mom to son: "Do you want juice?" Son: "Do you want juice?" Mom: "No, I said do you want something to drink. You say yes or no." Son: "Yes or no."   Why does this child repeat the question ask of them?   Echolalia is defined as the tendency to repeat words...

Why Some Kids Behave Bad

One of our bald Occupational Therapists (see the Staff page for who that might be) once treated a child who was pretty much non-verbal.   The child had some aggression issues. When the child became frustrated he would lean over and pull your hair. As you can...

Does My Child Need Speech Therapy

Here are some “red flags” to look for in each area:   Receptive Language Difficulty following one or two-step commands Requires visual or tactile cues to follow commands or complete tasks   Expressive Language Uses very few words and/or is quiet most of the...