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Developmental Questionnaire

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7  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
8 Mo 30 days
9  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
9 Mo 30 days
9  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
10 Mo 30 days
11  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
12 Mo 30 days
13  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
14 Mo 30 days
15  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
16 Mo 30 days
17  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
18 Mo 30 days
19  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
20 Mo 30 days
21  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
22 Mo 30 days
23  Mo 0 Days  Thru  
25 Mo 15 days
25  Mo 16 Days Thru  
28 Mo 15 days
28  Mo 16 Days Thru  
31 Mo 15 days
31  Mo 16 Days Thru  
34 Mo 15 days
34  Mo 16 Days Thru  
38 Mo 15 days
Teach Your Kids These Two Traits To Be Successful In Life

Teach Your Kids These Two Traits To Be Successful In Life

Children are very vulnerable to ridicule, harsh criticism, anger and yelling. Children deserve to grow up in a warm, safe and accepting environment. There are two different extremes in parenting techniques. The first is complete license or permissiveness, allowing the...

Education Should Instill Liberty Not Indifference

Education Should Instill Liberty Not Indifference

What follows is from a paper my (Scott) son wrote for a college level class he is taking. It concerns education but also has implications for how I think therapy should be conducted. I think most of us will agree that we did not get the ideal education and it has led...

Your Child’s Eyesight is Getting Worse and Here is Why

"The prevalence of myopia in the United States appears to be substantially higher in 1999-2004 than 30 years earlier."  So says the report from the research from the Journal of Epidemiology.   In the 1970's, around 25% of people age 12-54 were myopic or...

ADD And ADHD Books

ADD And ADHD Books

  By Dr. Robert DeMaria, Robert De Maria Published 2005 Dr. Bob De Maria has been trained and tested in the utilization of nutritional and natural products and has focused his attention on seeking simple answers to tough questions. In addition to a chiropractic...