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Therapy 4 Kids

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Therapy 4 Kids has been in business since 2006

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We love working with parents who want what is best for their child

Scott & Jennifer Harmon

Scott & Jennifer Harmon

Owners - Occupational Therapists

Scott and Jennifer Harmon are both Occupational Therapists. They have been blessed with 6 kids. They opened Therapy 4 Kids in 2006, providing Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy. Click below to follow Therapy 4 kids on Facebook.

What We Do


Speech Therapy


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Helps your child:


  • Speak clearly so you and others understand what they are saying.


  • Understand concepts and the meaning of what others are saying to them.


  • Put multiple words together to form sentences that make sense.


  • Express themselves which will improve their bad behaviors. Problems making themselves understood lead to frustration and anger.


  • Produce sounds and say words correctly.


  • Voice quality, volume, and pitch.


  • Drooling, eating and swallowing.


  • Improved self-esteem and quality of life.


  • Improve school skills.


  • Improve problem-solving.

Occupational Therapy


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Helps your child:


  • Attend to tasks and do better in school.


  • Have better movement and coordination.


  • Do better in school.


  • Improve handwriting.


  • Improve reading.


  • Improve keyboarding.


  • Be independent with dressing and self-help skills.


  • Confidence in abilities.


  • Not being overwhelmed.


  • Improve social skills and appropriate behavior.


  • Time management.


Physical Therapy


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 Helps Your Child:


  • Crawl


  • Walk


  • Run / Jump


  • Improve ball skills


  • Improve Strength / Coordination


  • Not being so clumsy

How Therapy 4 Kids Started


Back in 2006 (and even to this day) options for pediatric therapy in Faulkner county, Arkansas were limited to the city of Conway. Even there, therapy was limited to a couple of large developmental pre-schools.


The options for therapy were to go to a very large developmental pre-school that may be 20 or more miles away. What if parents wanted their child closer to them? What if they wanted to keep them at home or choose a local pre-school?


After Scott and Jennifer Harmon (owners) heard about children having to travel long distances to receive therapy, they decided to open a clinic in Greenbrier, Arkansas. The response was very positive and Therapy 4 Kids has been blessed to serve Greenbrier and surrounding areas since 2006.


A few years after opening our Greenbrier clinic we opened a second clinic in Conway, Arkansas. We opened this clinic to give parents an option of receiving therapy in an outpatient setting. Our therapists also treat in local pre-schools


We treat many kids in our clinics whose parents choose to educate them at home. We also treat children in local pre-schools and public schools. Whether you homeschool your child or have them in a local pre-school we can help.

What We Are For

  • Parents being involved and informed about their child’s therapy


  • Having fun while working on skills


  • A cool slide and a fun swing


  • Technology – in moderation


  • Hard work and accountability


  • Respect for others – We love please, yes ma’am, and thank you


  • Taking time to read a book


  • Saying “Way to Go!” with a job well done or well attempted


  • High fives


  • More bubbles


  • A fun song


  • Running, jumping and climbing


  • Giving more positive feedback than negative feedback


  • Yellow cake with chocolate icing and yes… sprinkles

What We Are Against

  • Bad attitudes and disrespect


  • Saying “I can’t” before you even try


  • Thinking an ipad will fix any learning problem


  • Technology as a babysitter


  • Giving punishment and never giving love and affection


  • “Professionals” who guilt you into putting your child into pre-school when you want to keep them at home.


  • Cooked spinach and boiled okra

What We Believe


When a child is given to his parents, a crown is made for that child in heaven, and woe to the parents (including caregivers and therapists) who raise a child without consciousness of that eternal crown.      Fulton Sheen


God gave us the gift of life, it is up to us to give ourselves the gift of well living.     Voltaire


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