Therapy 4 Kids is NOT in network with United Healthcare and AFLAC


We are in network with the following insurances:

  • Blue Cross –   Health Advantage
  • Qualchoice
  • Medicaid – TEFRA – AR-kids


Please read because this information may save you money

Every insurance policy is different, so you need to check the specific terms of yours. If you do have coverage, be sure you understand possible restrictions such as the number of sessions per calendar year, frequency and duration of services allowable, and coverage only for specific diagnostic codes that may be applicable under your policy. You also need to be aware of deductibles and percentage of coverage. Under some policies a medical necessity, as evidenced by a note from your physician, is required. PPO, HMO and Point of Service plans may or may not permit you to choose your own provider.

Therapy 4 Kids attempts to work with insurance companies whenever possible as an in-network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Advantage, Medicaid and AR-Kids. This does not mean your insurance company will cover our services. Unfortunately, there are times when insurance companies can deny payment of claims, even after initial authorization. This is out of the control of Therapy 4 Kids. In addition, it is common for families to have a deductible before the insurance company will begin paying on a therapy service.

What if we are not in network with your insurance?

Therapy 4 Kids will submit the insurance claims for you as a courtesy for the family to attempt to recover possible payment/reimbursement from insurance.

Many insurance companies that we are not in network with will make payment directly to the policy holder. They also send payment explanation to the policy holder. Due to this, payment for the entire cost of therapy is due at the time of service if we are not in network with your insurance.

We will not wait for insurance to pay or for other information from insurance that we are not in network with. You will be responsible for the entire cost of therapy. If payment is made by your insurance after you pay, we will reimburse you the difference if payment is made directly to Therapy 4 Kids.

Service Cost

We charge Arkansas Medicaid rates for therapy. The cost for an initial evaluation is $98.88 per hour. Evaluations can take up to 2 hours but are typically done within 1 hour, depending on the cooperation of your child.

Therapy sessions are $100.96 per hour. Your child’s therapy sessions may not be scheduled for a full hour.

If your child has Medicaid / TEFRA / AR-Kids coverage there is never a charge for therapy unless your child has AR-Kids B coverage which requires a $10 co-pay per session.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions by contacting us. See the bottom of this page or our Contact page on this website.