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Video Tele-Therapy

Therapy 4 Kids is providing LIVE, one on one Speech, Occupational and Physical Therapy sessions on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Arkansas Medicaid WILL Cover Cost Of Tele-Therapy


One on One Therapy

Kids are motivated by technology and the direct instruction ensures progress.

Assigned Weekly Tasks

Assigned video based tasks help your child practice skills. Reports of performance are automatically sent to your therapist.

Phone App

You can use your phone, tablet or computer for live visits and to perform assigned exercises and tasks.

The American Speech Language Hearing Association ASHA explains the benefits of Tele-Therapy in this short video.

Plans and Pricing

Some insurance plans do cover Tele-Therapy. Contact your insurance provider to ask if “Tele-medicine” for Speech Therapy (CPT 92507)  Occupational Therapy (97530) Physical Therapy (97110) is covered.

Therapy 4 Kids is in network with Blue Cross and Health Advantage. If you have another type of insurance you will need to pay for 100% of therapy.


Arkansas Medicaid WILL cover the cost of Tele-Therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my health insurance plan pay for a Telepractice therapy session?
Some health insurance plans will cover a therapy service performed at a distance. Call your provider and ask if they cover “Tele-medicine” for CPT code 92507. Therapy 4 Kids is only in

Therapy 4 Kids is only in network with Blue Cross and Health Advantage. We cannot bill another insurance.

Arkansas Medicaid does NOT cover Tele-Therapy.

How do I sign up?
In order for us to provide Speech Therapy for your child you will need the following in place:

  • A current evaluation
  • A prescription from your child’s doctor
  • Intake paperwork filled out
  • An internet connection
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer with a camera
  • A set of headphones
Is Tele-Therapy Legal?

Not only is Tele-Medicine legal it is approved by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) and the Arkansas State Speech and Language Association. These two organizations license Speech Therapists on the national and state level.

Is Tele-Therapy as good as in person therapy?
Tele-Therapy is “in person therapy.” Research shows that online Speech Therapy can work as well and sometimes better. One great benefit of the Tele-Therapy that Therapy 4 Kids is offering is the ability to track the progress of tasks assigned for your child.

Children who have more severe difficulties that prevent them from using a computer or device may benefit from a therapist who is physically in the same room as them.

How can I know what my child is working on?
If you are not able to be with your child when they receive therapy our Tele-Therapy software provides direct secure messaging through the App or computer.

The technology also allows us to provide reports of how your child is doing on assigned tasks and the notes the therapist creates about each session.

Will I be confused by the technology?
It’s as easy as opening an App on your phone or tablet or going to a website and logging on. Our Tele-Therapy software is user friendly.
When and how do I pay?
Payment is required before each session occurs. You can easily pay using your credit card and Paypal.
Who is Therapy 4 Kids?
Since 2006 Therapy 4 Kids has provided Speech, Occupational, and Physical Therapy to the central Arkansas area. We have a clinic in Conway and Greenbrier, Arkansas.

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