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A tour of our clinic plus what to expect. 


Request Therapy

Scott Harmon, Occupational Therapist, is the owner of Therapy 4 Kids. This is a short video of him interacting with his own child.



This little guys family wanted him to be able to walk when he first started at Therapy 4 kids.


Occupational Therapy and Visual Scheduling


Motor Planning


This child thought it would be a good idea to ride this ball on the way down the slide. See what happens.

Below is a video of what all daycare should look like. Montessori pre-schools are great. Notice there is very little on the walls and the play is open with minimal structure. Look how the room is set up with boxes of objects and activities to freely explore. There is very little instruction from the adults and it looks like few rules except the golden rule…if you get it out put it away and only one activity out at a time for each child. Learn more about the Montessori method HERE.


One of our Speech Therapists, Sherri Taylor, and her client were featured in this ICAN video. These scenes were shot in our Greenbrier clinic. ICAN is a great resource.


This is a good video that explains what Occupational Therapy is and does